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A Short Trip Of Memories

Its been quite awhile since we didnt update our blog. Hectic weeks I tell you! However, here we are! Get ready with the news feed! Last 17th September, we went to Kuala Lumpur for a few reasons. Firstly was because to vacate from Parkson Pavilion. TEMPORARY. No... read more

An honor to be with Datuk Professor Jimmy Choo

“The moment we stop learning, we stop growing in whatever that we are doing in our lives” Dr. Azizan Osman At Zleqha, we do believe in order to achieve our dream, we must get closer to people who already achieved it. In that way, we can learn the dos and don’ts as... read more

A thought that keep us moving

In doing business, I found out it is way much tougher compared than the “employee world”. In business, the more you do, InshaAllah the more you get. But to sustain the high energy,it is not easy. That is why research shows that most businesses nowadays did... read more


I think what I love about Zleqha is that all of their clothes look extremely comfortable and the fit is modest and still fashionable. Win/win!

Autumn Aly

Blogger, itsautumnslife.com

Zleqha design is simple yet elegant and modest. With its earth mix of colours and design that’s attractive yet competitive prices, its approach to fashion has made Zleqha a popular hunt for style concious overseas shopper especially from the UK and Australia.

Hana' Fedora

Blogger, www.hanafedora.co.uk

Love zleqha design… love the boutique.. good place to shop.

Ayshah Shahir

Managing Director, Zleqha

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