A Fine Evening to be Spent With the Adorable Dayah Bakar

by | Mar 27, 2018


Have you ever experience a “blank” moment? You know. The feeling of having a lot jumbling in your head but out of nowhere, poof! You end up staring your laptop/PC, typing and re-typing words, scratching your head – but nothing appears? Frankly, I’m scanning the screen for an idea to write my first blog entry. Apart from dust and tiny bread crumbs, nothing there though for me to kick start this blog. Mr Google is no help either. I ended up going through history of blogging while looking for an inspiration (I know you do that too. Getting carried away reading things that of no use while googling for something else!).

On a lesser depressing note, last week was a blast! Not that I went to Sunway Lagoon (wishing that I did though), instead I had a chance to interview Dayah Bakar, up and rising 3R  host and as well as IM4U FM DJ Radio. To seat next to Dayah Bakar makes me feel like a celebrity myself. The session was held Personal Shopper Room in Parkson Pavilion. That is something that I urge you guys to try. Imagine changing in your own room where your wardrobe is just an arm’s stretch away! Apart from price tags and the notion of cashier counter, I really feel at home. Plus, no more lounging shoulder-to-shoulder with other shoppers while waiting for your turn at fitting room. Now, your husband/boyfriend doesn’t left with much choice to tag along (my husband keeps bugging me being uncomfortable while waiting). The staff is friendly and cooperative, thus making it feel even better.

Having a chat with Dayah Bakar after the session, energetic and cheerful personality, did stroke a few chords though. Though having a degree in Law (I was like, seriously??), she chose to jump into entertainment business. Not that legal profession doesn’t give much but she opted to enjoy helping and meeting people through entertainment. Her life’s motto is “Inspiring people and make them smile is my happiness”.  I guessed we do have something to agree upon. For me, with each smiles brought upon by my apparel, it makes me feel good about it. With each thank you I get, it motivates me to work even better. Surprisingly, my formal education does not spell fashion. But that is something to be shared in my next post. ​