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The Ocean Of Dunya

Yesterday, I went to the beach. As I sat watching the massive Californian waves, I realized something strange. The ocean is so breathtakingly beautiful. But just as it is beautiful, it is also deadly. The same spellbinding waves, which we appreciate from the shore,...

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One word we want to shout out to all our loyal customers, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Without you, none of us can make it happen. Thanks to all who came from all over Malaysia to get the best deals throughout our three-crazy-hectic-garage-sale-weekend. Special thanks also goes...

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A Short Trip Of Memories

Its been quite awhile since we didn't update our blog. Hectic weeks I tell you! However, here we are! Get ready with the news feed! Last 17th September, we went to Kuala Lumpur for a few reasons. Firstly was because to vacate from Parkson Pavilion. TEMPORARY. No...

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