One word we want to shout out to all our loyal customers, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Without you, none of us can make it happen. Thanks to all who came from all over Malaysia to get the best deals throughout our three-crazy-hectic-garage-sale-weekend.

Special thanks also goes out to all our partners that had helped I making our event such a success. Kak Zaireen with her creamy lasagne and delicious-mouth-watering-brownies, Muja Burger with his special homemade patty burger, Nisha with her soothing spa service, Cataleya Space for their cuties muffins and good-reading-novels, Safraa for her interesting branded preloved items, Fitri with his healthy Isagenix roducts and last but not least, Ippo Hafiz for entertaining us with his latest single on the last day! Seriously he has great voice, go check him out now!

InshaAllah we’ll be having our YARD SALE son with a lot more great deals and interesting stuffs! Fashion designers, wedding planners, fashion magazines collectors, interior designers, fashion students, and our loyal fans out there, BETTER SAVE THE DATE! We’ll be announcing it way earlier for you guys to prepare. Stay tuned!

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