Mukadimah Cinta – The Beginning

by | Mar 27, 2018


Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah s.w.t  for His Blessings that we are finally done with our very first Mukadimah Cinta Programme.

The initial idea was from my beloved husband, Raja Badreen Ahmad who is always full of brilliant thoughts and future plans  for ZLEQHA. And Alhamdulillah, this time around we organized a programme in which will benefit and educate the society in preparing for their dream wedding day. Mukadimah Cinta is totally different with the normal Wedding Fair Festival. Most of the times, going to Wedding Fair is no help either. With a lot of choices of boutiques, photographers and whatnot, we did not become more knowledgeable, but instead we got more confused! (believe me, it happens all the time!)

Mukadimah Cinta is all about sharing. The concept is informal talks and more relax.  We invited a few panels to share their products, experiences and tips like the do’s and don’ts with the audience. With this sharing session, we hope they will be more alert and know what is the the most and the least priority in preparing for their wedding day. The awesome panels are; Kadlawo who is an expert in designing invitation card and printing services,The Puteh Production, who will capture and freeze those unforgettable moments of your life, Digital Bone, your videographer who will record every tears,smiles and laughters on your special day, Era Gemilang for event hall and delicious food catering, and last but not least is Zleqha, for affordable and simple yet elegant Bridal Dresses.


I contacted Dayah Bakar, our icon as the emcee for the event. Alhamdulillah she managed to be part of the team to make it a success! I am so glad and touched for her willingness and support. (thanks a bunch Dayaaaahh!!!) Apart from that, we manage to get Ustaz Badlishah, the most coolest Ustaz ever to give advices and guidelines regarding the challenges with the current marriage. He was so funny and awesome! Though the crowd was  a bit sleepy (it was after lunch time, full tummy leads to sleepy eyes!) the crowd was stunned with his talk, it was really brilliant! And I just knew he likes Jazz too. Hehe.

We closed the programme with Lucky Draw session. A big congratulations to all lucky draw winners! You guys are very much lucky indeed! InshaAllah Mukadimah Cinta 2.0 will be organized soon with a lot of improvements and this time around, it’ll be more “santai”,  more like chilling out rather than the usual sit-and-listen talk. Haha. Hope to see a lot more crowd this time!