After three hectic days for Garage Sale Weekend, let’s reward ourselves by spending quality time with loved ones, here…at Villaku Residences.

Villaku Residences , 2 villas in one, is a beautiful modern property on the eastern coast of Malaysia and offers access to the wonderful beaches of Balok, Kuantan. Each villa can accommodate up to 17 people and has its own private pool. We walk up a short flight of wooden stairs to the open foyer of Villaku Residence, to find a breath-taking view of its 6,000 sq m grounds, with a man-made lake and, beyond a low stone wall, are the beach and the sea. Modern, luxurious and a touch of sophistication, Villaku Residence is a two-in-one villa that offers all the amenities of a 5-star hotel. On the left side of the foyer is Villa A with five bedrooms and on the right is Villa B with six bedrooms, including one that doubles up as a kids’ playroom. We ooh and aah as we walk to Villa B. The front door opens up to a long hallway which has elegant paintings on one side and indoor plants bordering its other wall. Midway, natural light seeps through wooden beams holding up the roof.

The sitting room, dining area and kitchen have an open concept that makes for a huge space where everyone can gather to sit, eat and mingle comfortably. There is a flatscreen TV with Astro service at our disposal and should we wish to watch videos, there is a DVD player. The dining area sits 10 and the kitchen has everything — crockery, utensils and electrical appliances — we need to whip up a meal. There are small sitting areas for smaller groups to lounge in. The glass door and walls offer a splendid view of the patio and swimming pool which is also accessible through the last three bedrooms down the hallway.

The one that we stayed is Villa B, owned by Raja Badrina Raja Badrol from Kuala Lumpur and it is available for rental for any occasions, be it for family day, weddings, and as simple as just enjoying the holidays with your loved ones. For those who love nature, wanna run away from the busy life of metropolitan, this is a great place to stay and relax your mind and body. Waking up the sound of rooster crowing, to see such beautiful sunrise early in the morning and to have such fresh air around, it feels really, really good, like seriously. Check them out at their Facebook page, “Villaku Residence” and lock your dates now!

Rather than to relax and spending quality time with loved ones here, we do have some other business discussion as well. That is why Dayah Bakar was with us too!!! It was really great to see her with her positive and energetic vibes around. You won’t feel sad every time you meet her. She always has her own way to cheer you up!! We had such wonderful-sisters-crazy time together with lotsa fun! Hahaha…!!!

Moving further, I don’t wanna spoil the surprise by announcing here what the project will be like. One thing for sure, this time around it’ll be different, unique, comfortable and affordable. So ladies, stay tune for more updates!






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