Malaysia Fashion Week was a blast! Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah s.w.t for this opportunity and we would like to thank for all great experiences within 4 days of the event. We met many beautiful and talented people from various kinds of fields. It was such a motivational boost when we gather, meet and exchanging opinions and views with most of them about the fashion industry. How we wished we could have longer time to be spent with. It was really inspiring to hear many true stories of how the business was started up, the ups and downs, the sacrifices as well as the magnificent products and services they have to offer. Some even sell their handmade products at such affordable and unbelievable prices, and they use the money to do charity, help the needies and so on. Some even start doing business to provide job opportunity to single mothers and full time housewives, to help them to earn extra income, and their hand made products and talents are beyond imagination. Allahu Akbar. May Allah grant them Jannah and ease their difficulties, Amen.

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The event was held at Menara MATRADE and it involved many international exhibitors with various kinds of talents. Some came with fabrics, accessories, handmade products, skincare products, fashion clothing line, services and many more. It was extremely captivating and we made many new friend across the globe. The first two days were not open to public, as these two days were mainly for business meetings. MATRADE matched us with the suitable type of business investors, in which we would present our products, services and briefed company profile to capture their attention. Alhamdullillah, we managed to captured a few of them. InshaAllah a collaborating project to expand Zleqha at overseas market will be done soon. Pray the best for us!

The third and fourth day were open to public and we got the chance to meet many new potential prospects, for some of them even attended our fashion show which was on the third day. It was incredible with all the supports that we received from our fans, who willing to come and spend their time with us, some even applied a day off just to be there…you guys are really something! We were so touched! :’)

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Moving on, there were a few people from outside medias that interviewed us on the brand. Alhamdulillah for all the medias’ coverage that we got and we thanked you so much for choosing us. Here are some of the photos during the four days event as well as the interview video. Credit to Islam from Bubblegum Hijab and Modearabiya for this enthralling video. Here is the full blog from Modearabiya, check it out!

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