Ahhh, brides! Who doesn’t love bridal dresses, right? Wedding dress is probably the most important wedding preparation, along with some other major preparations. It is crucial to make sure the dress suits perfectly with the bride-to-be, or else we’ll be watching another episode of “bridezilla”. 🙂

Throughout these years, we have met so many angry and frustrated bride-to-be. Sometimes the dress does not suits them nicely, or it is different than it’s supposed to be and the worse part is, it could not be finished on the dateline. Luckily, we do provide affordable-exclusive line of RTW Bridal as their life saver.

So for the latest fashion show, it was all about bridal dress. However as you know our bridal dress is suitable for other occasions as well. Many of our regular customers have ordered our pieces for the coming Eid. (and you should too!) 🙂

Here are some photos during the show. What do you think? Drop us your comment below!

z l e q h a R T W B r i d a l